Digital Imaging Equipment & Consulting Services

Animal Health Consulting Services LLC is contracted by some of the most reputable vendors in the veterinary industry. With over 15 years of experience in the veterinary imaging field we can walk you through the equipment purchasing process from start to finish. We have expertise with systems across the spectrum of veterinary digital imaging.

As you look to invest in the latest and greatest state of the art veterinary imaging equipment and veterinary diagnostic machines, whether it’s your first time to make a digital imaging purchase, upgrading to new veterinary imaging equipment, or just have questions about which digital imaging machine is best for you, contact us right away for a no charge consultation!

We Carry New, Used, and Refurbished / Recertified Digital Imaging Systems Including:

  • Small Animal Digital X-Ray and imaging equipment with several options for dogs, cats, exotics, avian, and veterinary specialties.
  • Large Animal Digital X-Ray that services everything from horses to cows to goats!
  • Dental Digital X-Ray for small animal types that include cats, dogs, and exotics.
  • Our Ultrasound offerings for veterinary imaging have options ranging in price that fit your budget and skill sets. Ultrasound can be a challenge without training so we offer continuous education opportunities and training in your clinic, at your pace, on your time.

Want to know the price? Our pricing for all veterinary imaging systems is listed on the site! With our upfront pricing structure there is no need to guess.

Veterinary startups making an initial first-time digital imaging purchase, experienced users upgrading to new veterinary imaging equipment, upgrading to advanced digital X-Ray equipment from CR or upgrading an older ultrasound, new graduate from veterinary school, need advice about who to trust?

Or the timeline is further out and you just have questions about which digital imaging machine is best for you, our expert team will guide you through the process of identifying the right veterinary imaging system that best suits your needs and budget.

Finance Your Digital Imaging System

Need financing for your digital imaging purchase? Our bank can fund your digital imaging transaction with $0 money down, deferred payment plans, or step programs to fit your specific timelines.

View our simple interest program here!

Digital Imaging System Integration

In addition to helping you identify the right veterinary digital imaging system for your needs- we are experts at Practice Management software (PIMS) and integrating your imaging platforms for a streamlined workflow. This includes Cloud Storage, Archival, Picture Archival Communication Software (PACS), DICOM, and Data Access anywhere in the world.

Contact us today for your digital X-Ray, ultrasound, dental X-Ray, and advanced veterinary imaging needs!