Veterinary Imaging Equipment Financing

Our simple interest loan allows you to:​

  • Make the minimum monthly payment
  • Make a larger payment
  • Pay down at any time
  • The ability to pay off at any time with no penalties or future interest
  • The value of no hidden fees
  • The benefit of no blanket liens against an individual or a business
  • The most competitive pricing

Our turnaround is very quick and can have a credit decision and paperwork out to you within a few hours.

Loan vs Lease? Not sure of the difference? Read our PDF Comparison:

Many have tried to imitate this, but none can deliver on the benefits and service we provide. Need more than financing on equipment? We also provide:

  • Startup Loans
  • Equipment only Loans
  • Refinance Loans
  • Rebuild Loans

You are the owner of the equipment from day one – invoices are bill to and ship to clinic/doctor; we remit payment on your behalf including taxes.

You can prepay at any time with no penalties or remaining interest.

You are allowed to send in additional funds at any time which will be applied directly towards principal.

Our loan offerings will not appear on your personal credit report.

Because this is a simple interest loan plan, most customers opt for a longer term/lower payment because they know they have flexibility in how they can pay and how they can pay off.

We do have options that extend out as far as a 10 year term. All options up to 84 months are fixed payment plans.

If you opt for our 10 year option, this plan will have a rate reset after the first 5 years.

New pricing will be based on current market conditions in 5 years. If you have an interest in a 10 year payment plan, please let me know and I can provide numbers.

If you provide a deposit up front, we can reimburse you when we fund the balance if you prefer.

Our payment plans are very flexible and can work around your budgeting needs.​

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