Large Animal Digital X-Ray Systems

Our featured product is the Stalo System powered by Canon. Canon sets the standard for the industry with superb image quality, long lasting durability, and ease of use. The most reputable clinics in the country are powered by Canon systems.

We also offer a mid-range system for the more price conscious buyer that is complete with 5 year warranty!

Canon Wireless Series



  • Industry standard system from Canon
  • 11×14 Cesium AED 810c series Panel
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Waterproof
  • Image Memory
  • Pelican Case
  • Panel Holder
  • Foot Tunnel
  • Remote Training
  • Comprehensive Warranty

The latest generation of Canon digital detectors provides the high performance and durability required in any mobile environment. Utilizing super light and strong carbon fiber construction, Canon’s wireless small size detector line-up takes you to new heights of possibilities in Digital Radiography. Despite its featherlight characteristics, the carbon fiber chassis and frame of the Canon CXDI-810C (11” x 14”) detector ensures high performance and durability, tested for the rigors of demanding daily use. Canon also offers a wireless 14×17 in the same configuration. Call for details and pricing!

Additional Features:

  • LANMIT® Technology that includes a photosensor with a scintillator layer utilizing cesium iodide (CsI), which has a high light-conversion
    efficiency, thereby reducing radiation exposure and achieving higher resolution imaging.
  • The industry standard DICOM 3.0 interface ensures multi-vendor and cross-platform connectivity in any situation
  • On-board image memory for those situations where you need the detector to be fully independent
  • Water Resistant. Compliant to IPX7, each detector can withstand up to 30 minutes in water to a depth of 1m without incurring damage
    The Scatter Correction feature eliminates the need for an anti-scatter grid during certain types of X-ray examinations, improving patient comfort and remove the need for the technician to align the grid.

Sample Images:

Download or print our PDF with detailed specifications and sample images!

JPI Wireless DR

Pricing varies on panel size. Contact us for a quote.

JPI Cesium DR Wireless Equine / Mixed System


  • CareRay cesium 10×12 or 14×17 Flat Panel Detector
  • Laptop
  • Panel Holder
  • Foot Tunnel
  • ExamVue PACS
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Drop coverage Included
  • Shipping

General Details:

  • Laptop Capture Station – Wireless
  • Quality Cesium Flat Panel Plate
  • 14 X 17 plate or 10 X 12 plate
  • Hard Case
  • ExamVue Software
  • ExamVue PACS (Server Based)
  • No Cable Between Plate and Computer
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • 5-Year Phone Support
  • Set up and training included
  • Shipping and Installation
  • Take x-ray in the field or barn for equine and large animals.
  • Wireless digital x-ray for small animal home mobile service.
  • The system works independently from electricity. You will be self sufficient in your practice.
  • No cables to get tangled up with the animal while you are working mobile.
  • View your x-rays as you work on location – no need to make a second trip.

ExamVue Duo Software Is Specially Designed for the Veterinary Market

  • Optimized for Simple and Fast Workflow
  • Includes Tools Valuable for Both Large Companies and Small Offices
  • Position Instructions and X-ray Techniques for Dogs, Cats, Horses, and
  • Other Animal Exams
  • Designed for Touchscreen and Desktop
  • Integration with Leading generator manufacturers such as Cubex, Poskom, EcoRay, and Min-X
  • ExamVue Duo Software produces clear, high-quality images.
  • ExamVue Duo Software comes standard with veterinary diagnostic tools and can be expanded even further with the JPI Cloud PACS.
  • ExamVue Duo Software seamlessly integrates into any professional practice

Sample Images:

Download or print our PDF with detailed specifications and sample images!

Canon 60g Series DR Panel

Currently out of stock

Portable Equine DR System Includes:

  • Plate size 60Gv 9″ x 11 with Toughcase packing for reliability and rugged design that is ideal for the veterinary environment
  • Software
  • HD Laptop
  • Case
  • Online Setup and Training
  • Shipping Included
  • Optional Cart with folding, adjustable height for secure operation and mobility
  • Durable system case with padded handles and convenient wheels
  • High resolution computer with convenient touch screen or 2 Megapixel non-touch screen interface
  • Seamless DICOM® integration to any DICOM conforming PACS system
  • Optional wireless X-ray generator sync
  • Enhanced sensitivity for higher quality thick body part imaging (stifles, shoulders and necks)
  • User interface and styles can be customized to specific needs to help expedite exams.
  • Auto-sequence program allows for rapid sequential studies.
  • Images appear in 3 seconds
  • Equine specific defined protocols including well known pre-purchase protocols
  • Complete on-image series descriptions and positional markers placed in the proper standard positions, making for accurately identified and labeled studies.
  • The system features the sunlight- viewable 1,000 nit touchscreen making it ideal for client presentations, office use and in-the-field use.
  • Use with memory sticks, printers, external drives
  • Wireless battery powered or hard- wired sync cable 100KV/20mA and 100KV/40mA generators available. Dual laser pointers for accurate SID.